Arts Council Norway

Government Grants for Artists

Government Grants for Artists serve to secure diverse and innovative arts activity by providing stipends for individual artists. The grants are awarded on the basis of artistic quality and activity.

The following artist grants can be applied for from Arts Council Norway:

Applicants must primarily reside and work in Norway. Applicants must be active professional artists and must have published, exhibited or shown their work in a public context. Students on BA and MA level are not eligible for grants from Statens Kunstnerstipend.

  • Work grant: 1-5 years
  • Work grant for younger and newly established artists: 1-3 years
  • Miscellaneous grant: Lump sum for artistic activity
  • Miscellaneous grant for recently graduated artists: Lump sum for establishing artistic activity
  • Grant for established artists: 10 years (or until recipient reaches 67 years)
  • Grant for senior artists: 10 years (or until recipient reaches 67 years)

The closing date for applications is usually in the middle of October.

The Committee for Government Grants for Artists, 5 members appointed by the Ministry of Culture, make the final decision on allocation of grants. 24 selection commitees, with 123 member appointed by artists' organizations, evaluate the applications. Head of the committee is Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad.

Arts Council Norway received 7221 applications for artist's grants in 2017. 894 grants were awarded.

For more information, contact the secretariat for government grants for artists at Arts Council Norway.