Arts Council Norway

The Cultural Fund

The Arts Council - ten members appointed by the government - is responsible for the management of the Norwegian Cultural Fund (98 million euros in 2018). The final decision on the allocation of money from the Fund is made by the Council, in accordance with the arm's length principle.

The Cultural Fund covers seven fields of professional activity: literature, music, performing arts, visual arts, cultural heritage and arenas for art and other activities. The funds are allocated to the free art sector outside the major, government-support institutions.

The goals of the Norwegian Cultural Fund are to stimulate creative literary and artistic activities, preserve cultural heritage and to make cultural life accessible for as many people as possible. In addition, allocations from the fund serve to support innovative art, encourage new forms of artistic expression and stimulate new presentation methods.

You can apply for financial support from a number of funding schemes, including:

  • Project funding
  • Funding for organisers
  • Dissemination and mediation
  • Festivals
  • Production funding
  • Perannual funding for artist groups and institurions

The Council normally meets six times a year, and is advised by 26 expert committees with 122 members. Arts Council members are appointed by  the Ministry of Culture on the basis of their artistic and cultural qualifications. Chair of the Council is Tone Hansen.

Arts Council Norway received 6668 applications for funding in 2017. 2546 applications were granted financial support from The Cultural Fund.

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