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Kreativt Europa - Partnersøk 2017

Fra samarbeidsprosjektet Ulysses hvor Ultimafestivalen er partner

Fra samarbeidsprosjektet Ulysses hvor Ultimafestivalen er partner

Kulturrådet mottar mange henvendelser fra europeiske aktører som ønsker seg en norsk partner til sitt prosjekt. Denne artikkelen oppdateres fortløpende med nye partnersøk.

I forbindelse med utlysningen av midler til samarbeidsprosjekter mottar Kulturrådet mange henvendelser fra europeiske aktører som ønsker å samarbeide med en norsk partner. Å finne riktig partner tar tid, men kan gi deg inngang til interessante faglige nettverk. Husk å beregne god tid! Vi har gjort en grov sortering, men mange henvender seg bredt og ønsker partnere fra ulike deler av kultursektoren. 

Finner du ikke den du er på jakt etter? Da kan vi hjelpe deg med å legge ut et partnersøk via deskene i alle medlemslandene. Mal for partnersøk finner du her.

Flere råd for prosjektutvikling finner du her.

organisasjoner som søker partnere i forbindelse med utlysningen for 2018

Kulturarv -  NB! Fristen  har gått ut for Kulturarvåret 2018, men kan være aktuelt for andre samarbeidsprosjekter


  • National Museum of Maps and Old Books, Romania. They want to participate as a partner organisation in a cooperation project which includes development of urban communities and young people's access to cultural heritage (maps heritage).

  • The Cyprus Theater Museum  is interested in becoming a partner in projects - especially in the audience development area. They also welcome any interesting ideas; for instance, designing creative approaches to learning in cultural spaces. They are especially interested in collaborating with other museums, cultural heritage preservation institutions and theatres.


  • Ilia State University, Georgia want to develop a project dealing from music and particularly Baroque and Renaissance.

  • Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (Kiev). They would be happy to find partners from AEC Members, Youth orchestras, Festivals, Cultural Institutions. Topic: Music, Cultural Heritage, Youth. 

  • Les Dissonances Academy, France is interested in working together with institutions (conservatories, concert halls, orchestras…) to create Les Dissonances Academy and give young talents the opportunity to experiment with an alternative way of playing the music. 

  • MOTO, Serbia wants to develop a project with the focus on providing support to young artists (and students) in the field of opera – emerging singers, actors, scenographs etc, through organizing a summer schools, master classes and opera production at the end of the project.

  • Music International Summer Academy –MISA  (Tbilisi, Georgia) Preferred partner organization are those organizations who work with young talents in field of classical music. Their profiles should include directions of workshops, master classes, seminars in the field of piano, violin, cello, clarinet, conducting and orchestral section.
  • Musicamera; Portugal is working on the project "Locations and Dislocations" seeks to express, renew and recreate European experience and cultural heritage with an emphasis on the stories which constitute our sense of place and displacement, through musical projects which have the relationship between artist and community at their core.
  • Starlight Entertainment, Ukraine is working on the project "Mavka: the Forest Song". The aim is to produce an unforgettable and innovative high-tech musical drama that will utilize modern and uncommon visualization techniques: computer-controlled light shows, augmented reality effects and animated backdrops.
  • Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (Kiev). "Youth and Cultural Heritage" is a collaborative project between youth orchestras across Europe and orchestras, festivals, cultural institutions and institutions in the higher music education sector. 
  • Kalamata municipality (Greece) looking for partners for a project mainly within the fields of music and/or dance.



Visuell kunst 

  • Georgian Arts and Culture Center, GACC. NGO that has more than 20 years of experience working in the arts and culture sector. They want to work on a project aiming at building capacity of young curators and art event creators.

  • Cartwheel Arts UK aims to do Art for a Reason; Promoting social inclusion, cohesion, diversity and regeneration through community participation in vibrant, innovative, high-quality arts projects.

  • Galerija Fotografija Ltd. (Slovenia). Art galleries from emerging art markets on the art-world periphery typically have limited experience with strategically developing their business, managing global and local collector relations. The project objective is to develop business skills and exchange best practices.

  • Banco Santander's cultural foundation, Spain is looking for partners for a project based on residencies for European artists in schools in different countries.

  • Heartefact Fund, Serbia is looking for cooperation projects in the field of performative arts (theatre) and new media art. Partner in "Cathexis" project funded by Creative Europe. 
  • Creative and Tech School "Projector" (Ukraina) will organize an international festival, which will unite representatives of different visual arts professions. Aims to gather the top speakers of European and local level and integrate European context of design and visual arts into Ukrainian landscape
  • Art Gallery "Max Estrella" Spain. They are willing to participate in any project related to cultural heritage and contemporary artistic creation/audience development/new business models.

Bibliotek og litteratur



Kultur og stedsutvikling


  • ESCU Association, Romania looking for partners interested in developing together and delivering content for an international multidisciplinary festival. The main theme of the co-productions would be "The Sound of the World'.

  • Association of United Arts working in the field of performing and visual art, Ukraine. Focusing on the creative search for young artists in the area of ​​contemporary music and performative art.

  • Zemun Small Art Centre (Serbia) proposes the project "The museum of corruption": The project partners from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia will examine at least 10 notorious cases in each and every of these capitals aiming to find their common ground. The findings will be represented in a form of transmedia story-telling.
  • University of Economy in Bydgoszcz (PL) Prosjekt: Artist exchange an coproduction between 6 countries in the Baltic Sea region which will result in contributions to the programme of the festival "Festival of Art and Culture of the Baltic Countries".
  • Parobrod, Serbia wants to collect and interpret the "untold stories" of the local history and build a partnership with organizations dealing with cultural heritage of Jewish society, organizations that develop the audience development methods, and organizations working in the field of new media art and digital technology.
  • Selina productions (Greece) looking for partners for a project in the fields of music, fine arts, exhibitions, digital (3D animation and projection mapping)
  • UAMAZE (Ukraine) in the fields of Heritage, Visual Arts, Interdisciplinary projects, Audience development.

Her kan du se partnersøk fra 2016. Ta gjerne kontakt hvis det er interessante prosjekter her. 

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