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Nordic Dialogues

Towards a more inclusive cultural sector. Welcome to the conference in Oslo 2-3 December 2019

How do racism and discrimination hinder innovation and inclusion in cultural life? Policymakers, leaders, artists and cultural workers are meeting in Oslo to exchange knowledge and ideas. How can we realise the potential of a diverse Nordic region?

Given the polarised debates going on in society today, we need culture now more than ever before. Racism, nationalism and social exclusion must be combated together. Cultural experiences create this sense of togetherness. Equal opportunities to participate, regardless of one's background, is a goal for all the Nordic countries. This conference marks the end of the project An Inclusive Cultural Sector in the Nordics, which was led by the Arts Council Norway, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

At this conference, international speakers will contribute their knowledge and perspectives, but above all, this is a meeting place. We will discuss specific tools and strategies on the road to a more inclusive cultural sector.

Bring your experiences, your questions and your enthusiasm – and join in the discussion.

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