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Nordic Dialogues

Towards a more inclusive cultural sector. Welcome to the conference in Oslo 2-3 December 2019

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How can we make culture more accessible and relevant for culturally diverse groups? Seven Nordic networks have searched for new ideas and methods. For the past three years, they have worked with cultural schools, libraries, museums and up to the highest level of cultural leadership. Now, it is time to present the results.

The Nordic countries share a common goal of inclusion and freedom of expression for all. In today's polarised political climate, culture plays a vital role. Cultural experiences can create the shared spaces we need to confront racism and nationalism. This conference will present valuable perspectives, best practices, and successful policies to inspire policy-makers, cultural managers and artists all across the Nordic region.

This conference is the result of the project "An Inclusive Cultural Sector in the Nordics" (2017-2019), led by Arts Council Norway. The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture has funded the project.